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Beardfire Coaching Excellence: Brothers Rohan Healy & Al “Quiff” Healy at Beardfire have provided coaching and guidance to high profile actors, entertainers, recording artists and academics, such as actor & model William Franklyn Miller. We offer a client based coaching service to bring playing and performance to the next level.

Our sessions are built for anyone looking to develop their singing, guitar, bass, drums or stage presence to a high degree and to share in our wealth of knowledge gained through performing over 1,000 live gigs worldwide, working on stage or in studio with the likes of Cat Power, Leslie Dowdall (In Tua Nua),, Donal Clancy (son of Liam Clancy), Mundy, Weetus, Jim Sheridan (film maker), Gretchen Peters, Lloyd Cole and Billy Bragg plus countless radio and television appearances, including for a TV audience of 7 million people on the BBC.

As well as music, Rohan has performed and studied drama at the ATYP (Australian Theatre For Young People) and Trinity Catholic College Lismore. Al has worked as a professional musician all his life, he began playing drums aged 4. Rohan and Al also host the Rhythm & Roots Radio Show which has broadcast for over 2 years.

Here’s a brief glimpse of some of our coaching work in William Frankly Miller’s vlog:

Music Business & Career Consultation: Whether a client is looking to make more money from playing live, wants to understand music copyright and how to maximise income from songwriting, performance and master recording royalties, learn how to get coverage on radio, TV and other media, or simply wishes to gain a greater understanding of the entire industry, we are here to help.

Consultation sessions are done via Skype or in person at Beardfire studio Dublin, and tailored to the clients needs, goals and aspirations.

  • Al stand 2Single Sessions or Discounted Packages available
  • Sessions via Phone, Skype or in person from Beardfire Studio, Ballsbridge Dublin 4
  • All ages, experience levels and styles of music catered for
  • Plans, strategies and coaching tailored to your needs and ambitions
  • Expert advice on booking shows, publishing, songwriting, music media, production and performance
  • Free email consultation in order to plan a course of action and secure booking. Get in touch at today with zero initial financial obligation.

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